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Delivering 2nd Reverse Osmosis water treatment facility at Singhu Border Delhi

March 29, 2021

Sikh Relief, joined by our Kabaddi player friends and the students of the local Sainik School have installed a 2nd reverse osmosis water treatment facility, with a cooling system at the Singhu and Kundali border as enforced shortages of municipal council services continue.

Producing a safe to drink and clean supply of high quality water at a rate of over 250 litres per hour it has immediately began saving the Langar services alone a staggering Rs1 lakh every three days. Not to mention an endless supply of cold drinking water for the hundreds of thousands protestors. Saving money and also avoid the negative environmental impact of vast numbers of used plastic bottles littering the streets.

With the restrictions and tightening grip of authorities in relation to amenities available in the locations presently occupied by the farmers protests, Sikh Relief is blessed by the Grace of Guru Sahib to undertake research and development that can create alternate, sustainable and positive solutions for the Chardi Kala of humanity. Sarbat Da Bhalla in action, only with the support of the Guru’s Piyari Sadh Sangat Ji. Please continue supporting Sikh Relief today for a better tomorrow.

Serving the Creator through the Creation.

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