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Over 100 Day’s of Humanitarianism Shelter

March 11, 2021

Over 100 days have now elapsed since the joint shelter initiative of the Sikh Relief and Sikh Assembly began to ease the potential humanitarian crisis caused by the build up of farmers, agriculture industry workers and their supporters at the Singhu,Tikri Ghazipur and Rajasthan borders of India’s capital New Delhi.

Halted at these borders from moving into the Indian capital since 26th November 2020 to the present, these circumstances precipitated meetings and resulted in our joint project being devised in order to assist in a small but significant attempt to avert the potential for a colossal humanitarian disaster.

Together Sikh Relief and Sikh Assembly were blessed with the support of the Sangat enabling the Sikh Relief team on the ground to carryout assessments before procurement, planning and maintenance of what has become known as the tent city at the Singhu and Kundali border. In addition to multiple tent facilities we were able to secure a single mall which had housed over 7,000 people alone. The initial project has expanded to all protest sites at four locations and consists at present of more than 20,000 tents.

At present Sikh Relief with the support of Sikh Assembly is providing and maintaining the following items and ongoing services:
· Tents
· Mattresses
· Pillows
· Sleeping bags
· Blankets
· Medical assessments and medicines
· Hot food
· Hot drinks machine making over 30,000 fresh cups of coffee daily
· Fresh fruit juicing machine
· Steel vacuum flasks for hot and cold drinks
· A reverse osmosis water treatment facility
· With tools, replacement parts, other consumables and sundries, and 3 Sevadars on site for over 100 days

As the seasons change so do the requirements on the ground and as such this week Sikh Relief have began rolling out full size mosquito nets to each tent and bedded accommodation within our purview.

The Seva continues and Sikh Relief and Sikh Assembly would like to thank and express of our sincere gratitude for the Guru’s Gracious Kirpa and Bakshish in allowing us to serve the Creator through the Creation at such a time.

We implore the Sangat to maintain their support and we endeavor to continue supporting today for a better tomorrow.