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SR furnishes farmers with mosquito nets

March 11, 2021

Farmers require new raft of projects with temperatures rising
~ Sikh Relief gears up as season changes

Sikh Relief has began furnishing its over 20000 tents with mosquitoe nets to prevent the spread and infection of parasite borne illness as temperatures sore.

The Indian spring is here in both senses of the word.

As 105 days of protest are completed the weather has changed from one extreme to the other without the government or farmers unions managing to dialogue.

Severely cold and bitter temperatures to tropical levels in just a few days have prompted the requirements and necessity to change on the ground. With our extensive stainless steel vacuum flask distribution now also benefitting by keeping water cold for upto 24 hours.

Our teams continue to provide medical, langar, shelter, gym and spiritual sanctuary to those fighting for their lives and futures, always adapting to ensure any potential for a humanitarian crisis averted by serving the Creator through the Creation.

Please donate what you can and be present with those who need you most, in spirit if not in person.