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Support a Farmer

December 1, 2020

Support a Farmer.
Our new project is called Support A FARMER.
This is a very important topic as Panjab and its very lifeline is slowly being eradicated.

As far back as 1947 to today, Panjab has suffered the loss of its waters, it’s identity and language, and now by crippling the earning power of its farmers.

Panjab is in a crisis. There has been three Regulations in June introduced. These Rules will cripple the ability of many small farmers to continue to earn a livelihood and will affect farmers living in debt and those who are already struggling to feed their families will be forced into more debt.

We have set up a JustGiving page to humbly request for initial payments that will go to these farmers and their families included those that have sadly already committed suicide.

These farmers that feed nations are in desperate need and struggling to feed themselves due to the current restrictions and new laws the Government has passed.

Head over to www.justgiving.com/fundraising/sikhreliefsevadar
Thank you for your donation.

Photo Credit: _JK_Photography