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Bhai Jatinder Singh

October 12, 2021

Bhai Jatinder Singh Goldie’s family close to eviction- all can be avoided with support of the Guru’s Piyari Sangat Ji.

Sikh Prisoner of Conscience, Bhai Jatinder Singh Goldie, is currently feeling the unnecessary difficulties of concentrating his mental equilibrium upon his defence against false charges and the agony of knowing his paralyzed father, ill mother and younger siblings are unable to meet the financial burden visited upon them due to his imprisonment on false accusations.

As the sole breadwinner and earner of the family, he was responsible for the rent of the house, among his many other responsibilities, in the absence of whom the family has been given a 2 month eviction notice by the debt owner.

Although close to the oblivion of homelessness, the family originally owed 3 lakh 10 thousand of an ad hoc mortgage arrangement, which was substantially reduced after Sikh Relief paid a 2 lakh payment on the family’s behalf.

We appeal with folded hands at the Charan of Guru Sahib and their Piyari Sadh Sangat to donate the remaining 1 lakh 10 thousand and help support Jatinder Singh Goldie and his family today for a better tomorrow, enabling them to retake ownership of the house they have made their home.