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Freedom for Professor Devenderpel Singh Bhullar

January 30, 2022

  1. Freedom for Professor DevenderPal Singh Bhullar – not an election gimmick, but police politicisation
Over 25 years in prison for a crime that two of three Supreme Court Judges agree he is innocent of any involvement in, Professor DevenderPal Singh Bhullar remains a Political Prisoner of Conscience.
Extradited only after assuring the German government that he would not be subject to capital punishment, the Indian authorities sought the death penalty for him immediately upon his arrival.
Today he remains incarcerated due to the politicisation of the Police authorities, after the Delhi Police Commissioner’s Office (legal) opposed his release before a parole board hearing prerelease questionnaire.
Prof Bhullar’s continued incarceration is a solid example of the antiSikh nature at the heart of India’s democratic and justice systems. Only his freedom, along with the freedom of all other Sikh Political Prisoners of Conscience, without political deals, phoney promises or democratic rights dressed as favours will be acceptable to the Sikh Panth.
It’s for the government of the Union States of India to decide whether it really is the World’s largest democracy or just another Banana Republic incarcerating and perpetrating genocide of those it wishes to suppress.
Release Professor Davinderpal Singh Bhullar.

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