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Amarjeet Singh – Pick up Truck

Further to the bail release of Bhai Amarjit Singh from prison and as per the request of the Sangat that we take steps to help him rebuild his life we are delighted to confirm that we purchased a small pick-up truck for him, we have also found him employment with a local company for whom he will do deliveries that offer an earning potential of between Rs 30,000 – 40,000 per month which exceeds the current average pay of qualified teachers in Panjab. 

If you recall Bhai Amarjit Singh was arrested in May 2010 by plain clothed police officers, blindfolded and taken to a police station. He was subjected to severe torture at the hands of the Panjab police who claimed that he was connected to alleged criminals. He maintained his innocence, despite this, the police proceeded and framed him in a case of firearms and explosives possession’ and was sent to prison.

In his absence Bhai Amarjit Singh’s son was forced to drop out from his study at the local Damdami Taksal School as the family were unable to pay his schooling fees, his wife and daughter would make ends meet by sewing clothes but faced serious financial hardship and as a result they accumulated substantial debts. On top of this Bhai Amarjit Singh gradually became ill whilst in jail and despite numerous requests he never received any treatment by the jail authorities and the money that his wife and daughter earned was spent on expensive medicines that helped ease the discomfort but did not serve as a cure.

Bhai Amarjit Singh’s case was brought to the knowledge of SOPW in August 2012 and we immediately began maintenance payments to the family and provided legal and medical support for him in prison. He was subsequently bailed from Hoshiarpur prison last month and finally united with his family.

The SOPW team would like to thank the Sangat for helping this family back on their feet and providing them hope for the future, we will continue to update you with their progress and hope to share some more good news with you very soon.

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