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Assistance continues amid global coronavirus lockdown…

April 16, 2020

Bhai Harchand Singh receives Kirat Kamai grant…

Bhai Harchand Singh Ji, accused of the murder of nakli Nihang Poolha has been receiving financial assistance packages from the Sikh Relief monthly family and education support programmes.

Today we are proud to say that Sikh Relief has ceased these recurring payments and switched his assistance from those programmes to the Kirat Kamai system of self sufficiency. He will now be a self-employed entrepreneur and business owner, enabling his family to flourish to their full potential with a hand up rather than a hand out.

With severe restrictions on movement implemented by the state and central government to kerb the spread of the deadly COVID-19 strain of the coronavirus, our families have been unable to purchase the basic goods to remain relatively stable and comfortable in the current situation.

Facing delays and difficulties in reaching those who require our support, it has been particularly important to reassure those who wait expectantly for our assistance.

Sikh Relief is continuing to support those dependent on our financial assistance programmes amid the near complete Panjab lockdown.

We have now managed to successfully deliver their support package for the majority of those we are responsible for and expect to complete the same for all families in the coming days.

Bhai Harchand Singh Ji spoke with Sikh Relief’s Bhai Parminder Singh Amloh, Advocate Kulwinder Kaur and Bhai Harman Singh Nadala. He expressed his gratitude and thanked Sikh Relief and the global Sikh Sangat for their love, Ardas and donations.

We assured him and all other Sikh Prisoners of Conscience that we would strive and continue to support them today for a better tomorrow.

Our benti to all is to continue to help support us and donate at: www.justgiving.com/SikhRelief

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