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The Social Revolution Continues

December 10, 2019

Kirat equals Kamai

As another class of graduates complete their 6-month course through Sikh Reliefs Kirat Kamai centres its graduation ceremony time again.

Our Kirat Kamai program and dedicated centres have been awakening the earning potential of underprivileged women of Panjab’s not so established and balanced families. Teaching them the skills to become self-reliant and take pride in themselves and their work.

These young ladies required a taught skill and belief to escape the cycle of poverty that has been the only consistent element of their lives, but has been challenged and overcome by their hard work, perseverance and determination.

Upon graduation we have provided professional standard sewing machines, all types of needles and threads to allow for their new entrepreneurial spirit to start earning immediately by offering sewing, embroidery and repair of clothes services without delay.

We thank the Guru Pyari Sikh Sangat, without whom Sikh Relief could not be helping the women of Panjab have a new lease of life, our benti is to continue supporting us so that we may be able to finance the purchase of 20 brand new sewing machines for the ladies on graduation.

Pls continue to support us and donate at: www.justgiving.com/SikhRelief

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