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Victimised for Over 37 years!

December 13, 2019

Sikh Relief continues supporting Bhai Gursewak Singh Babbla’s family!

The word repression has never been so aptly used as to describe the treatment endured by Bhai Gursewak Singh Babbla and his experience of the last 37 years. Subject to over 70 false cases he has been remanded and beaten case after case only to be rearrested upon release and made subject to new false cases.

From allegations of crime as per the Indian Penal Code and more seriously charged under the world disgraced TADA black laws, he has beaten all cases and is set to beat the current two cases he faces as he remains remanded to Delhi’s Maximum Security Prison, the notorious Tihar Jail.

At 57 years old Bhai Gursewak Singh Babbla is a man that the Sikh Relief legal team is honour bound to represent and our responsibility to financially support his family is our Guru given blessing, the very Seva that fulfils our daily Ardas.

Some months ago when Bhai Babbla had been released on bail after some 26 years in prison Sikh Reliefhad arranged for him to become the proprietor of a small shop to assist in his self-employment and offer him the dignity to live in a self-reliant way.

Yet the corrupt behaviour and continuous harassment by the Panjab police led to him being unable to sustain his wish to be successful in adjusting to normal life and after filing another false case against him Bhai Babbla was ultimately forced close shop.

It is common practice in India that even after being released from jail, Sikhs continue to be subject of false cases, a phenomenon that makes the process the actual punishment which can continue for decades.

Be that as it may, Sikh Relief will never leave the side of our diamonds and not will it allow for their families to ever become destitute or lose even an ounce of Chardikla in the face of such treacherous conditions.

Our benti with folded hands is as always to continue to help support us and donate at: www.justgiving.com/SikhRelief

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