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Village to Village: Door to Door

April 8, 2019

71 year old, Nab Singh embraces old fashioned methods of delivering fresh produce on his new cycle cart…

An appeal was launched by Sikh Relief, early February 2019 where the Sangat was asked to help raise money for a couple struggling to make ends meet.
Bhai Nab Singh and his wife come from a humble and simple background whereby he believes very strongly in living by Guru Ji’s philosophy of working hard and honestly.

Bhai Nab Singh and his wife made a living by selling fresh fruit and vegetables on the side of a busy road in Faridkot. Bhai Nab Singh learnt very quickly that he was competing against bigger markets and superstores and therefore was struggling to make enough money to support his own family.
The accessibility of superstores and big markets make it easier for people to get there weekly shop whilst in town.
Early discussions with Bhai Nab Singh led to the idea that there are plenty of remote villages where people are unable to travel to towns to buy fresh produce or have it delivered.
With the support of the Sangat, Sikh Relief has been able to purchase a cycle cart. Therefore Bhai Nab Singh will be able to travel to remote villages and sell his produce at competitive rates.
Sikh Relief is grateful for all the continued support and firmly believes in keeping the Sangat informed of progression of all projects.
Many thanks to each and everyone of you.
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