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Bhai Gurbhej Singh’ spinal treatment underway…

July 17, 2020

Delicate but determined to walk tall again…

Thankful to the Guru Piyari Sadh Sangat’s for their kindness and support in response to Sikh Relief making an appeal, Bhai Gurbhej Singh has been undergoing a series of tests and treatments for the last 8 days.

Having been horrendously tortured by the notorious Panjab Police having returned from a trip to Germany, he was left with terrible spinal injuries by sadistic officers who had promised Bhai Gurbhej Singh that he would more than likely escape the false cases he was being implicated in, but would be physically condemned to a life sentence by their torture.

Admitted to the Uppal Hospital in Amritsar, the city founded by Sri Guru Ram Das Ji, he has undergone extensive spinal tests and a series of thorough medical examinations.

Gurbhej Singh has received several injections directly into his spinal cord and thighs also as part of a comprehensive treatment programme.

Bhai Sahib was been formally discharged from the hospital after 8 days and is currently recuperating at home. There will be regular testing every week and the medication will be determined for increase or decrease accordingly.

Doctors have assured us that all tests, treatment and progress of Bhai Gurbhej Singh be monitored closely.

The treatment is expected to continue for a minimum of 6 months, medicines and as well as physiotherapy are all part of a complete health regeneration process.

Sikh Relief thanks the Guru Roop Piyari Sangat Ji for their support and assistance, without who the treatment of Bhai Gurbhej Singh would not be successfully proceeding today.

We remain at the charan of Satguru, the Almighty Giver of Life and Breath, in prayer that Bhai Gurbhej Singh Ji may be healed by Akal Purakh Waheguru so that he may once again take care of his family and enjoy their warmth.

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