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Chanan Singh requires medical support

July 24, 2021

Having supported our Gursikh Bhai, Chanan Singh in his battle with a facial tumour only a few years ago. Sikh Relief is pained greatly to again learn that the tumour has return aggressively.

Having previously facilitated treatment at the Chandigarh PGI hospital, we are again arranging for medical opinion and treatment options for Bhai Chanan Singh.

His present condition is very critical as he is unable to work, sleep or even live in any state of comfort. He is unable to swallow solid food and the liquid food he is consuming is not offering nearly the nourishment his body requires.

An expert tailor by trade, he has been unable to earn a living due to a combination of his inability to work through discomfort and the fear of his customers when looking upon his condition.

These tragic and horrendous circumstances are of course our Guru’s hukam. Yet it is our collective duty to provide assistance, support and treatment to those struggling with issues they are unable to cope with individually.

Our humble benti to the Sangat is to support Sikh Relief today for a better tomorrow for Bhai Chanan Singh. To help him in this second battle by giving him a fighting chance through prayer, uplifting his Chardi Kala and facilitating the best medical treatment available.