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Family of Bhai Kuldip Singh Hira

September 9, 2020

Former Sikh Bandi, Bhai Kulbir Singh Hira, faces more uncertainty and anxiety after his wife and soul mate, Bibi Harjinder Kaur is diagnosed with liver stones

Bibi Harjinder Kaur has been through thick and thin with Bhai Kulbir Singh, having been subjected to the harsh oppression of India’s politicised law and judicial processes.

Yet upon his return to freedom Bhai Hira’s daughter was diagnosed with and continues to battle cancer with the full support of Sikh Relief and our Guru Piyari Sadh Sangat’s unending love and generosity. Having supported Bhai Sahib during his darkest hour of confinement we pledge to remain by his side presently also, like the Khalsa family should.

Bibi Harjinder Kaur is experiencing a lot of discomfort and pain due to her liver stones and doctors have advised that no simple treatment exists to alleviate the symptoms, further, that surgery is the only option and therefore urgently required.

We humbly request the Guru’s Roop Sangat Ji to come forward and help us arrange for the treatment of Bibi Harjinder Kaur so that the operation can be done promptly.

Please support us today for a better tomorrow.

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