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Gift of Sight Donated to Bhai Jagseer Singh

January 29, 2020

Thank you to Sikh Relief’s Sangat…

Having humbly requested the Guru Pyari Sadh Sangat Ji to help us save the sight of 66 year-old farmer Bapu Jagseer Singh ji earlier this year we can say with immense respect and gratitude that our beautiful Guru Roop Sangat has performed the miracle that our Ardas had asked for from the Almighty Giver of Life and Breath.

Bhai Jagseer Singh lost almost all of his sight in one eye and completely lost vision in his other in a horrific freak accident during the stubble burning process having harvested his rice paddy and discarding of the waste.

As Bhai Sahib began burning the waste some red hot embers blew directly into his eyes and tragically he instinctively rubbed them, causing him to damage his eyes almost immediately.

Bhai Jagseer Singh sought support and was bought to the attention of a Sikh Relief team who assessed his needs and referred him to a specialist to gain a professional opinion and idea of what was possible in terms of saving his sight..

The medical team determined that Bhai Sahib had lost 45% of his vision in one eye and the other was unfortunately lost and damaged beyond repair.

Fortunately, the specialists were confident that Bhai Jagseer Singh’s one eye could be salvaged and his vision restored, as his retina was receiving sufficient light.

Our humble appeal to the Guru’s Sachi Sangat was heard and the money raised for retinopathy procedure was achieved and after 6 long months on the waiting list, we are proud to announce that Bhai Sahibs operation has been a success.

Bhai Jagseer Singh has had his eyesight restored, allowing Bhai Sahib to once again see his loving family and continue to earn his daily bread.

We thank the Sangat for their support in this unique case and ask them to please continue to help support us.

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