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Gurdev Singh remains our responsibility!

November 28, 2019

Scourage of the devil Gobind Ram…

Former Punjab Armed Police (PAP) officer Bhai Gurdev Singh was allegedly a key figure of the group responsible for ending the reign of terror unleashed on the families and children of Sikh men made to disappear under the weight of police excesses and brutality.

He was responsible for gaining Sikh warriors access to the offices of the butcher of Sikh women and children, the SSP of Punjab Police, the notorious Gobind Ram, who had once forced a mixture of urine and faeces into the faces of Sikh women and children, claiming “you have taken the Amrit of Gobind Singh now you will take the ‘amrit’ of Gobind Ram”.

Needless to say the demon that possessed the body of Gobind Ram was exorcised from his mortal coil soon after.

We are currently supporting Gurdev Singh with his medical necessities as he has been suffering from an eye disorder and will be undergoing tests to ascertain a clinical diagnosis.

We have helped Gurdev Singh over the last few years when he became partially paralyzed and we continue to support his ongoing issues of suffering with heart disease.

Gobind Ram may have become fertiliser on 10/06/1990, but our responsibility to those who suffered for the acts of conscience that stemmed the genocide of Sikhs from 1984 to 1995 continues until all our Guru’s Sikhs are free and healthy.

Help us to complete our mission and support us today for a better tomorrow.
Sikh Relief.

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