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Left unconscious in hospital by a stroke and brain haemorrhage…

November 30, 2022

Please help elderly GurSikh Sdr Narinder Singh.
Father of four, 67 year old, Sdr Narinder Singh has undergone emergency brain surgery this week in a drastic race to save his life.
The vital lifesaving treatment he received has financially crippled the family and they are struggling to cope with the continuing costs of his treatment.
With the his life in imminent danger, the risk of losing him is immediate and absolutely.
We humbly request the Gurus Piyari Sangat Ji to support our effort to help this embattled family as much and as soon as possible, so that we may, with the Grace of the Almighty giver of life and breath suppport Sdr Narinder Singh and his family today for a better tomorrow.

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