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Offering a leg up

May 25, 2019

Sikh Relief seeks support for Granthi Singh’s treatment

Bhai Boota Singh, 55, the Granthi of District Barnala, was involved in an accident about eight months ago and as a result sustained a horrific double break in his left leg.

Bedridden for those 8 months and the duration of the lengthy treatment, he has spent his life savings on medical expenses, which has in turn almost destroyed his family unit.

Granthi Ji’s wife already suffers a disability which has obliged them to seek safety and shelter by living with relatives, Bhai Boota Singhs son is currently learning kirtan as a student at a residential Sikh institution and his daughter is living with her maternal uncle.

At this point, Boota Singh’s leg has been secured by a medical cage and the required correctional procedure has been estimated to cost RS2.5 lakhs.

Having already struggled to pay medical costs and not being able to carry out his employment duties, Bhai Boota Singh’s family finds itself with no land, property or source of income.

Sikh Relief considers it our Panthic duty to appeals to the Sangat for support, so we may support Bhai Boota Singh today for a better tomorrow.
Sikh Relief.

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