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The Sikh Relief teams have taken the fight against the COVID-19

March 29, 2020

The Sikh Relief teams have taken the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic directly to the street of Panjab amid a government introduced section 144 (strictest level) curfew to combat the potential spread of the Coronavirus across the densely populated state.

With the health system of India not being a single homogeneous entity, it is difficult to image how they could create a unified and solid response in the event of a widespread outbreak of the virus.

While we completely understand the necessity of the restrictions on movement, we also see that the reality is absolute desolation for those who survive and feed their families solely reliant on a daily wage living in effect, hand to mouth.

With Guru Sahib’s beant and uppar kirpa, Sikhs Relief have reached the homes of many poor families who are living in difficult conditions, some in makeshift huts and tenements, trapped in a curfew mandated inability to earn a living and therefore food.

Delivering langar to these unfortunate souls has been a great pleasure and blessing, from Nadala in Kapurthala to Sri Anadpur Sahib, we have ensured our slogan, supporting today for a better tomorrow is adhered to and more than just words.

Please continue to help, support and donate at: www.www.sikhrelief.org and www.justgiving.com/SikhRelief so that we can help those trapped by no fault of their own at this time of global uncertainty, fear and isolation.

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