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Bhai Balwant Singh

July 5, 2021

With the Guru’s eternal grace and blessings it is a joy to see and know that Bhai Balwant Singh is in full Chardi Kala.

Accused under the draconian UAPA legislation that was amended in order to replace the globally condemned Terrorist And Disrupted Activities Act (TADA), 45 year old Bhai Balwant Singh refuses to be a victim of India’s system of punishing innocent people by putting them through a process that is designed to punitively disrupt their lives.

Sikh Relief delivers on their promise and responsibility by supporting Bhai Sahib, whilst ensuring their family is looked after through our family support and maintenance programmes.

Our Sikh Prisoners of Conscience deserve to live in dignity and with respect, and we endeavour to make sure they do with the blessing and prayers of the Khalsa Panth. It is with folded hands that Sikh Relief humbly asks the Guru Piyari Sadh Sangat Ji to continue supporting us today for a better tomorrow. Please donate what you can to help provide the bandi Singhs with much needed basics.