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Bhai Manpreet Singh Awaits Trial in Tihar Jail

August 6, 2020

Accused of targetted killings…

Arrested and detained as part of a larger group in 2017, Bhai Manpreet Singh of village Gandhuan, District Patiala, is accused of being part of a larger conspiracy to murder alleged Hindutva leaders in Panjab.

Dubbed the ‘targetted killings’ case, Bhai Manpreet Singh was originally arrested by the notorious Panjab police, only for the National Intelligence Agency to take over the investigation and prosecution of the supposed case against him.

Remanded to Panjab’s Maximum Security Jail at Nabha, he and his co-accused were last year transferred to the Super Max Tihar Jail Complex in the Indian capital New Delhi on the orders of the Indian N.I.A.

The Sikh Relief’s SOPW project and our legal team continue to represent Bhai Manpreet Singh and support his family through our monthly assistance programmes during this ordeal with the complete confidence of the Guru’s Sadh Sangat Ji and their infinite generosity.

We humbly request the Guru Piyari Sadh Sangat Ji to continue supporting us today for a better tomorrow, for humanity, our imprisoned Sikh Prisoners of Conscience and their families.

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