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Bhai Satnam Singh Raina

September 30, 2020

With the Apar blessings and grace of the True Guru Sahib and their Piyari Sangat, Sikh Relief are assisting Bhai Satnam Singh Raiya in replacing his roof whilst completely renovating and reconstructing his family home is nearing completion.

Sikh Relief humbly requested the Guru’s Roop Sangat Ji to support the construction of the dilapidated house of Satnam Singh, a former Sikh prisoner of Conscience. Having accepted the Seva the Sangat’s help and Sikh Relief’s effort to assist in whatever is left in the preparation of Satnam Singh’s house so that his family have a roof over their heads.

Bhai Satnam Singh has thanked the Sangat for their contribution in building his house from the bottom of his heart.

We request the Sangat Ji to continue supporting us today for a better tomorrow, as we continue our mission to help suport and assist those Sikhs who didn’t think twice about doing their duty in terms of Sikhi. We will always be very grateful to them and the Guru’s Sadh Sangat Ji for everything.

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