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Bibi Amritpal Kaur Remains in Prison

July 22, 2020

A mother’s love and a good education – All you need in life, but denied…

Sikh Relief appeals for the Guru Piyari Sadh Sangat to help the family of Bhenji Amritpal Kaur, who has been detained for over 3 years in Patiala Jail facing false cases.

Not content with destroying the family and future of Bhenji Amritpal Kaur, the notorious Panjab Police are in effect directly responsible for the continuing negative impact on the lives and future of her daughter Gurleen Kaur 14 years, currently studying in the 9th grade and her elder son Raiyan Singh 16 years is studying in the 10th grade.

The children of Bhenji Amritpal Kaur are being denied their mother’s affection, a stable family environment and their basic human rights of access to education and freedom to pursue happiness.

Our appeal to you, the Guru’s Sadh Sangat Ji, is to make your contribution toward the education of the children and help us to continue submitting their school fees.

Sikh Relief pledge’s to remain Bhenji Amritpal Kaur’s voice and fight her case and support the family via our established legal representation and associated sustenance programmes.

Please support,donate and share.

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