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Jathedar Sri Akal Takht Sahib, Bhai Sahib Bhai Jagtar Singh Ji Hawara Undergoes Sight-Saving Eye Surgery

August 20, 2020

Doctor’s at Guru Nanak Eye Centre perform operation successfully…

Beginning 17th June 2020, almost two months after lobbying the political who’s who of the New Delhi power structure on humanitarian grounds for urgent medical intervention to no avail, Sikh Relief can today confirm that the High Court of Delhi process that began only a few weeks ago has resulted in the successful surgery to Bhai Jagtar Singh Ji Hawara’s eye today.

We had previously written to Arvind Kejriwal and Manish Sisodia (Delhi CM and Deputy respectively), the Lieutenant Governor of NCT Delhi Anil Baijal, the DGP of Tihar Jail Complex Sandeep Goel and the Home Minister Amit Shah, all of whom expressed concern of the circumstances but ultimately failed to appreciate the urgency of the humanitarian request and medical treatment required to save Bhai Jagtar Singh’s sight as he had a suspected malignant growth that was threatening to pressure the nerves and blood channels nourishing his eye.

In light of such grave and uncertain circumstances an approach was made to the High Court at Delhi through Adv Paramjeet Singh in order to obtain a judicial oversight and review of the situation before it became a calamity, potentially causing broader social and communal anxiety and distress. Several hearings later, the Judge. Navin Chawla, on 4th August 2020 agreed with our application and made the requisite judgment, ordering the operation to save the sight of be carried out forthwith.

Having ordered a medical appraisal and determining the reality of Bhai Sahibs condition, the learned Judge ordered that Bhai Hawara be made available by Tihar Jail authorities to the medical staff at Guru Nanak Eye Centre in Delhi on the morning of 6 August 2020 for remedial surgery to his eye.

This morning Dr Shruti carried out the surgery and saved the sight of Jathedar Ji, stating “He would have lost his eye as per the damaged sustained, had the surgery been delayed further, as it is, because of the damage we could not operate with laser or any other latest machine and therefore operated by hand. It is a successful surgery and Mr Hawara should recover completely after some care and weeks.”

Sikh Relief would like to take this opportunity to offer a special thank you to our brother and selfless volunteer, Bhai Daljit Singh Ji, who tirelessly, diligently and with full Chardi Kala made all representations on behalf of Jathedar Hawara for us. We are grateful for his determination and grace in dealing with such a sensitive matter.

We also offer our sincere gratitude, respect and appreciation to the Almighty Giver of Life and Breath, the Guru Roop Piyari Sadh Sangat Ji and humanity in its entirety for the small victory we have been fortunate to be part of and humbly request all to continue supporting us today for a better tomorrow for all.

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