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Satnam Singh Doda

July 19, 2021

The process of arresting politically aware and innocent Sikh youth on false charges, imprisoning them during what should be their most productive years and ruining their lives is a standard practice in today’s Panjab. Bhai Satnam Singh Doda is yet another example of this repressive tactic, leaving his parents with a diminished ability to live a life of dignity and honour in his enforced absence, they passed on without ever recovering.

A resident of Sri Muktsar Sahib, Bhai Satnam Singh Doda was arrested by the Notorious Panjab Police on a false charge, using the draconian UAPA act at Mohali police station, having been requested to attend by police.

Sikh Relief has assisted Bhai Satnam Singh and achieved his release from jail in January 2021 having spent 3 years in jail and tragically having lost both parents. He had been working as an electrician before his arrest, but finds himself currently living with his two brothers and is having difficulty when trying to find work.

We humbly ask the Guru’s Piyari Sadh Sangat Ji to help us shoulder the collective Panthic responsibility incumbent upon us all to take care of these youngsters, who are our future and help them become who they were destined to be before falling victim to a circumstance not of their own making. Help us to support him today for a better tomorrow.